Before you start displaying the plugin on your website, decide which online shops you want to display and see what options you have for managing the list of stores in the plugin.

Step 1

Select the stores

Go to the plugin settings and then select the stores you want to display in the plugin.

Step 2

Set weights (priorities) for shops.

This feature allows you to manage the order in which the stores are displayed in the plugin. In the left column, next to the stores, set their display weight.

☝️ The higher the weight, the higher the store will appear in the list. Stores that you do not assign a weight to will be displayed starting from the lowest price.

Step 3

Save your settings.

Additional settings

Rotating partner groups

This is a feature that allows you to create multiple variants of displaying stores in the plugin. It all depends on what you want to analyze and what strategy you take.

What you can set within this feature? You can create:

  • groups of rotating partners, such as two groups or more.

  • a main partner group, which shall always be displayed. If the commodity is not available in these stores, other stores belonging to another rotating group shall appear in their place.

The example shows two rotating groups with assigned weights.👇

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