Insert selected code and automate the display of the Where To Buy 100shoppers tool with popover options (click or hover).

Step 1

The following code should be inserted in the <head>  section on all subpages where you will use the 100shoppers plugin.

<script src="" defer></script>

Step 2

Place the following code in the place where you want to display the Where To Buy.

<span class="bb-widget" data-bb-popover-event="{value}" data-bb-type="popover" data-bb-id="{plugin-id}" {par}="{value}" >Buy now</span>


  • {plugin-id}  - the unique ID of the plugin to be downloaded from the brand's settings. 
  • {par}        - parameter describing the product or configuration (description below)
  • {value}      - value of the parameter describing the product or configuration


  • data-bb-number   - GTIN product code (the required parameter)
  • data-bb-sku - product_producer_unique_ID (the required parameter)
  • data-bb-name - product name (the required parameter)
  • data-bb-category - product_category_path (the required parameter)
  • data-bb-price - optional_product_suggested_retail_price
  • data-bb-description - optional_product_short_description
  • data-bb-image - optional_product_image_URL
  • data-bb-abpar1   , data-bb-abpar2   , data-bb-abpar3   - Abpar parameters
  • data-bb-alt  - ID of the container with alternative content

Other implementation options:

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