Our integration is also based on the import of your products to our database.
We use the XML file in one of the popular format (e.g. Ceneo, Nokaut, Google RSS, Google Atom).

The URL address of the XML file should not change. 

 XML file's format:

  • Ceneo
  • Nokaut
  • Google RSS lub Atom

You can use feedink tool in case of not having above format.

Parameters (required): 

  • Product ID [is the unique ID of the product]
  • GTIN number [is your product GTIN number] 
  • Name [is your Product' name]
  • Producer's code [SKU - is your unique producer's product ID]
  • Category [is the category path of your product] 

Other parameters: 

  • Image [is the URL of the product image]
  • Price  [is your product's suggested retail price]
  • Description [ is your product's description]

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