Integration with our system requires importing your products to our database. For this purpose, we use xml files in one of the popular formats (e.g. Ceneo or Nokaut). The file should be updated at least once a day.

Supported xml file formats:

  • Google RSS or Atom

  • Ceneo

  • Nokaut

If you have xml in another format, we recommend the feedink tool.

The file must contain the following data:

  • Product identifier (unique product ID)

  • Product GTIN code

  • Product name

  • Name of the manufacturer

  • Category

  • Product photo URL

  • The URL of the product page in the store

  • Product price

  • Product availability

In case of using Ceneo format:

  • stock="1" - available

  • stock="0" - not available

☝️ In case of other formats or lack of stock parameter in Ceneo format, all offers in XML file are considered available. To mark an offer as unavailable, you must remove the offer from the file.

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