Our PrestaShop module allows you to quickly and easily integrate your shop with 100shoppers. Have a look on how to install the module and how to configure it.

☝️ Note which module you download. Each country has a separate file to install.

Step 1

Install the modul

  • Log in to the administration panel of your shop.

  • Go to the tab Modules / Module Manager.

  • Click on Upload a module.

  • Load a downloaded module from the disk.

  • PrestaShop will install the module

Step 2

Configure the modul

  • After installing the module, click Configure.

  • Enter the shop ID in the field Shop ID (1) and click on Save (2).

  • Insert the ID commission you received from us for the product categories (3) and click Assign (4).

  • If you have one ID commission enter into the All categories field (5). You only need to enter the specified ID once in the parent category, which then inherits to the others.

☝️ For shops which are displayed in the widget on manufacturers' websites Id commission is "0".

Step 3

Your Product Feed - XML file

  • Go to the Export products tab.

  • Copy the url and send us the already finished XML file.

Other ways of implementation:

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